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Are you wondering if the angels can guide you very personally on your Path? Are you dreaming about a special sing from heaven which will comfort you during a hard time of trials? Are you longing to receive a very personal message from your own Guiding Angel – the spiritual leader of your own angelic team or a Divine insight from an Archangel or Archea of your choice?




An angel message written especially for you is a very concrete and extremely supportive form of a spiritual personal advice given from the Highest level of angelic consciousness. It is the crystalized presence of angelic wisdom handed over to your soul from the Kingdom of Heaven through mediator Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja. Find more detailed information about your personal ANGEL MESSAGE below…


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Reaction of the subscriber:

“Thank you dear Maria for this beautiful angelic message! I would like to let you know that I felt all the energies flowing through my crown chakra while reading the angelic message, the prayers in it and all the email , like magic 😉  The words of your angelic messages are indeed full of wisdom.”

Nahed Hariel,

August, 2015


Our newsletter “Angelic Messages” is a beautiful free gift to every soul looking for angelic guidance and inspiration on her Path. In contrary to your personal Angel Message written exclusively for you our newsletter “Angelic Messages” contains not a personal but very profound teaching of everlasting wisdom and love introduced by the 7 Archangels, 7 Archeai or other precious angelic beings. It also contains some news and advertisements at the end of the newsletter. 

All subscribers receive the same message but it touches their souls on a very personal way – how is this possible? This is truly magic released from the heart of the angels and the magic of the heart, as we know, always creates miracles…

But we can imagine that one day you will need a very personal insight from the angels based on the facts of your personal life situation.

Your personal Angel Message written exclusively for you is our answer to this need. Read here more about your personal Angel Message.


Your personal Angel Message


Angel 4 wings


An angel message written especially for you is not only a Divine miracle but also a very tangible form of angelic guidance. It is the crystalized presence of angelic wisdom handed over to your soul from the Kingdom of Heaven through mediator Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja.

Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja is living her whole life in interconnection with  the angels. By purification of her consciousness, her soul and her life style, and also by personal advanced spiritual training she earned the ability to communicate telepathically with the angels, our Father and Mother God and with the Holy Ones in heaven. Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja is called by God to use this ability not as a psychic medium or a daily life predictor but as an ordained spiritual servant – a spiritual minister working in terms of a ferment adjustment to the Will of God.


Shortly after her ministerial ordination in 2012 she had received the Divine assignment to spiritually assist all the children of God in spite of their religious, sexual and cultural background in their own reconnection with the angels, with the heavenly world and with the Sacred Heart of our Father-Mother God. She is ready to release an angel message to you today coming directly from the heart of your own Guiding Angel or otherwise from the heart of an Archangel or Archea of your choice when you will specifically ask for that.


Your Guiding Angel is not the same as your Guardian Angel. There are many angels assigned to you at the time of your birth and they are working together as a team during your whole life. There are for example parenting angels, guarding angels, relationship angels, illuminating angels, healing angels, forgiving angels, job crafting angels, Divine calling angels, soul comforting angels, financial angels and many, many other angels working very specifically on the exact given life conditions all together under the cover of your own angelic team. The Guiding Angel is a spiritual manager, the spiritual leader of your entire angelic team. He is ready to give you a spiritual boost today by forwarding his personal Angel Message in written form.


What is the content of

your personal Angel Message?


A personal Angel Message is a profound spiritual message of your Guiding Angel addressed to your soul, which is in fact a written meditation. You may read and reread the words of this message many times and still find new levels of information and also new levels of spiritual advice or concern. Every message of your Guiding Angel is connected to the tests on your spiritual Path and your personal life lessons. A personal Angel Message may be ordered as many times as you need a new spiritual boost and advice from the leader of your personal Angelic team. You may ask a specific question when you order your personal Angel Message if you want but it is not necessary. Please note that your Guiding Angel just as any other angel in heaven may never interfere with your free will. He is not allowed to make a decision on your behalf, but he is able to give you Divine insight, the greater vision of your Path or of your personal situation.


Reaction of the receiver of a personal angel message:

“Dear Maria, 

Thank you, thank you so much for this holy message of utmost Divine perfection, presented through you by my guiding angel, which my soul was crying out for and whose information gives me very, very clear guidelines on how to improve my current situation.
From the deepest core of my most grateful heart I will devote myself to the daily practice of the Violet Flame recitation given to us by the wonderful Archangel Zadkiel, so that everyone involved and myself can benefit from it. Glory to our Father Mother God, for the spiritual gifts bestowed upon us!

Thank you again so much for your most precious service and I will definitely keep in touch with you and keep you updated. Please also let me know from time to time how the construction of the Centre of the 7 Archangels goes!
Lots of love, blessings and peace to you, my friend.”

Yours from the heart, Felicitas.



Beloftes van de ziel wit


Your own Angelic Sacred Name


When you order your personal Angel Message at the first time your Guiding Angel will reveal your own angelic name to you. Every soul who stays in connection with the heavenly world consciously or unconsciously has her own sacred name that contains a crystal key to her Highest destiny on earth. This special name is given to us by our Father-Mother God at the beginning of our service in matter as a light worker or a human angel. This sacred name is not the same as our official worldly name. Your angelic sacred name activates the highest, angelic energies in your being, strengthens your personal connection with the heavenly world of light and reinforces your soul with the Divine powers of the Holy Spirit during your incarnation in matter.



How to receive your personal Angel Message?


You are welcome to order a personal Angel Message from your Guiding Angel by sending your request to Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja: contact 

The price for a written personal Angel Message is $75,- and is a part of our fundraising program used to create a financial fundament for the realization of the First Spiritual International Center of the 7 Archangels in Europe. Please use the donation button on our website for your payment, so that your loving gift may be used for the completion of this very beautiful and very important Divine project.

After the receiving of your payment the personal Angel Message will be send to your e-mail. Please note that we are using a waiting list when many requests for a personal Angel Message are coming at the same time. We hope that your patience will be equal your love to the angels. We are grateful for your love, patience and apprehension. Your personal Angel Message is above all words worth your waiting time.



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for your personal Angel Message: donate



Virgin of the Globe


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May every step of your life be always blessed by angels and guided by our Lord!

– Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja



Angelic message of your Guiding Angel

October, 2015


My beloved  child,


May the crystal light from the highest dimensions of the Spirit enter your world today! In the most Holy name of our Lord I AM THAT I AM I’m opening the cosmic gates of heaven for you today which usually separate the spiritual realm of light from the material world. Focus your eyes, my child, upon the brilliant rays of shining light exploding from the opening of the gates of heaven. This light is a wake-up call of our Father which calls you home. Yes, my friend, your final destiny is to come back HOME in the fullness of the Glory of your own majestic Divinity adored by the honors from your past lives experiences and from your soul battles which you have won.


Beloved friend, I am the angel who will guide you home. I was ordained by God to stay with you, to walk your Path with you as your guide and guardian, as your teacher, comforter and friend. I know you from the beginning of times. I am with you from the very precious moment of your first incarnation in matter. I guide you carefully from test to test, from one life lesson to another. I guide you forward higher and higher on the cosmic stairway of light and I help you to receive the spiritual initiations  according to the level of your accomplishments. I assist you personally in the transitions from heaven to matter and from matter to heaven. You know these transitions as  “life” and “death”. You see, my child, there is no side in your life where I, your guiding angel, was not able to support you like a buddy…




 Angel of Light


Please remember, dear friend of light, that you never walk alone, because I am always with you, walking your road of life with my silent prayer. I drink together with you the full cup of your choices. I suffer when you suffer and I rejoice when you rejoice. I shine the Light of our Lord upon you always, especially when the darkest hours suddenly come to pass in your life. I encourage you to go forward, to forgive and to forget. It is my job to get you (or sometimes even to kick you )out of your comfort zone (I am sorry…). Yes, it is my task to stimulate you not to walk the same smudged road again and again.


Beloved friend, I am an angel who’s opening for you the gates of heaven at the very special sacred moments like the miracle moment of today. I promise you that every time when you will read and reread this message  the spontaneous opening of the gates of heaven will immediately take place for you. This is the grant of Mercy of Almighty God which we call a “dispensation”. This is a little gift of a very big price which our Lord is offering you at the moment when you are ready to receive it.


This is a precious act of Divine Grace manifested at the appointed time for the spiritual nourishment of your soul. Our Lord makes it possible because He loves you and because He wants you to be awakened from the illusion of physical reality which is temporary, finite and subject to constant change. God wants you to remember your spiritual home of Glory, full of tremendous Light and constant Presence of His Spirit.


I am allowed to reconnect your soul with your home of light. I am doing that all the time by providing you the glimpse of heaven during your spiritual work of prayer, selfless service or meditation. It is true that a certain level of a spiritual vibration of your mind is needed in order to show you the dazzling ocean of the Great Cosmic Light. Use this specific mantra, my blessed friend, the dynamic prayer to the Mighty Cosmic Light which will help you to keep a constant high vibration in your aura.


 Angelic light


Dynamic prayer to the Mighty Cosmic Light



Mighty Cosmic Light!

My own I AM Presence bright,

Proclaim Freedom everywhere —

In Order and by God Control

I AM making all things whole!

Mighty Cosmic Light!

Stop the lawless hordes of night,

Proclaim Freedom everywhere —

In Justice and in service true

I Am coming, God, to you!

Mighty Cosmic Light!

I AM law’s prevailing might,

Proclaim Freedom everywhere —

In magnifying all goodwill

I AM Freedom living still!

Mighty Cosmic Light!

Now make all things right,

Proclaim Freedom everywhere —

In Love’s Victory all shall go,

I AM the Wisdom all shall know!

I AM Freedom’s holy Light

Nevermore despairing!

I AM Freedom’s holy Light

Evermore I’m sharing!

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!

Expand, expand, expand!


Forevermore I AM Freedom!



Please repeat this prayer at least 9 times during your prayer session.


You need to know, my child, that as long as your personal frequency will remain high and continuously accelerating, the gates of heaven will come in resonance with your soul and will become accustomed to your being. This process will lead you to the miracle point on your Path when all barriers and blockages in your personal world will be progressively absorbed, consumed and transmuted by the Great Cosmic Light. And one day you will accidentally notice that the closed doors to the higher dimensions will become transparent and fluent for you instead of heavy and sharp. 


Door to infinity


I am here to tell you, beloved friend, that all your spiritual efforts you make are not in vain, they all are counted by our special recording angels, reported to our Lord and will be accepted by Him at the end of your personal journey HOME.


You are working hard on your Path, we all know that, blessed child of God. Please don’t stop, don’t slowdown but keep on polishing yourself, transforming your dark side into the magnificent light which is your true nature, a spiritual essence of your being. Just go on with your spiritual practices, with your mantra’s and prayers, with your devotion and creative expression of your talents until one day you will be able to walk through the closed doors of heaven without any hindrance and just fall into the loving arms of our Father-Mother God.


My child, the gates of heaven are open for you right now. Yes, they are open just for a little while, to show you where you are from and where you will finally return. Keep your inner eyes upon this unforgettable dazzling light, the mingling of a sparkling white and gold cosmic light, and reunite yourself in your heart with the original source of this light. You are wondering what kind of a source this should be? I will tell you, my friend: the Great Central Sun is the true source of this incredible light. This is an energetic and spiritual core of the whole Universe. This is the source of all life, the gigantic magnet – the Great Cosmic Magnet, the home and the heart of our Father-Mother God.


The Great Central Sun is the most Holy place in our Universe. This is the place of your early childhood and your first Love, my blessed friend. This is the place where you were born long-long-long ago and this is the place which you have missed so much. It is your home!


Please do everything that is possible and even impossible on your Path to come so high in your personal vibration that it will become very easy for you to pass through the closed doors separating the lower vibrations of matter from high vibrations of heaven. Come back, come back, come back, my sweet soul, come back forever to your Home of Love!


I kneel before you now, my dear friend, and I promise you that I will never leave you alone on your journey home. Trust me as I trust you. Keep on climbing your own highest mountain and know that together we someday will reach this highest destination.


Your Guiding Angel



Angel in marble

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