Prayer for activation of your inner power by 7 Archangels

Archangels are the highest-ranking angels in heaven. God gives them the most important responsibilities, and they do their work both in the heavenly dimension of the Spirit and in the physical dimension of the Matter. The word “archangel” is from the Greek words “arche” (ruler) and “angelos” (messenger), signifying archangels’ dual duties. Archangels rule over the universe’s daily operation on missions from God, while also delivering messages from God to human beings.


This video prayer will intensify the flow of Divine energy anchored in the hearts of the 7 Archangels into your world. Your inner creative power will be activated by the Holy presence of 7 Archangels in your daily life. Use this video every time you need more energy, more power, more support from heaven in your daily life. Be sure that 7 Archangels will answer your prayers when you will call their names with the fire of your heart.


 Archangel Michael and Faith!

Archangel Jophiel and Christine!

Archangel Chamuel and Charity!

Archangel Gabriel and Hope!

Arhcangel Rafael and Mother Mary!

Archangel Uriel and Aurora!

Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethist!



Short prayer to all angels:



All you holy angels and archangels,

thrones and dominations,

principalities and powers,

the virtues of Heaven,

cherubim and seraphim,

praise the Lord forever. Amen.



Arc Michael Banff



Angelic message of the 7 Archangels

September 2015


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Our beloved  angelic friend,


Welcome to the golden circle of union of the 7 Archangels! Our sparkling radiance of white and gold is expanding limitlessly throughout the whole world today. We, the 7 Archangels, the 7 servants of our Lord, are manifesting this dazzling light into your physical world as a Divine sign of our permanent presence, our angelic dominion and our brotherly union without end. Yes, we are here, in the higher dimension, standing in front of you with the banners of the 7 rays in our left and with the fiery swords of angelic Truth in our right hand. The untold numbers of our invincible angelic legions are also here, filling up the whole space of heaven and earth. 

Holiness unto the Lord! Holiness unto the Lord! Holiness unto the Lord!


This is our old mantra, our angelic greeting and our battle cry, dear child. Lets say it together with all the power of your voice: “HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD!!!”



Please remember, blessed friend, that this mantra is the magical key to the portals of our angelic kingdom. If you really want to enter there, you need first of all to bend your knee before the Lord God Almighty I AM THAT I AM and then exclaim with all the fire of your heart: “HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD!” Watch now patiently how the closed doors of heaven will slowly open unto you. Please be aware that you, our old angelic friend, are mostly welcome to visit our kingdom!


We send the waves of infinite love from the highest altar of the Unity Temple of the 7 Archangels to you now. This large beautiful tempel with seven crystal towers forms the spiritual core of our kingdom, dear friend.  The Divine power of the seven cosmic rays which we all represent is condensed to the one colorful sevenfold spiritual flame and this mighty spiritual flame is burning  eternally upon the altar of our Unity Temple.


This place is truly the most amazing sacred space in heaven which you have possibly ever seen, our blessed friend. This temple is the sacred domain of miracles, mystery, alchemy and a pure Divine magic. When you place your feet on this Holy ground and you face the huge sevenfold unity flame shining brightly at the center of the large white marble altar you lose all sense of limitation, fear, doubt and anxiety, because you immediately realize that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH OUR LORD. 


It is true that the 7 cosmic rays united in one huge spiritual fire is the greatest miracle and the greatest power which the world can ever posses. Yes, dear child, the greatest secret of the realization of all human dreams and desires are locked in the mastery of the application of the 7 cosmic rays representing the fundamental qualities of our God – Power, Wisdom, Love, Purity, Truth, Peace and Freedom. 


The Holy Tempel of Unity of the 7 Archangels is the focal point of the all-embracing Divinity of our Lord in the spiritual world. He contains the total sum of the electromagnetic vibrations which include all Divine aspects of our Father-Mother God. This is why you can find every possible satisfaction and every possible complementation here for the missing parts of happiness of your soul. This Holy temple is like the miraculous cave of Aladdin, it contains everything what our God really is…


The Tempel of Unity of the 7 Archangels is residing for a very long time in the etheric dimension, where the builded forms are not as solid as in the material world, but translucent, half-tangible, sometimes fluent, irresistible to destruction and made out of pure substance of universal crystal light. The Holy Tempel of Unity of the 7 archangels was a very long time ago, during the Golden Age of Atlantis, also physically present on this planet earth. It was honored by the ancient Atlantians as one of the most important tempels of adoration of the One God. Just before the degradation started to develop on Atlantis and finally the great cataclysm has distracted the entire Atlantean civilization we were able to save our loyal priests and priestesses, to seal our temple, to withdraw the sevenfold flame to the etheric dimension and to establish the spiritual replica of this temple in the center of the Crystal Golden City – the capital of our angelic kingdom.


Our blessed friend, it is our great honor and our infinite joy to reveal to you today that you are a very old soul who was a devotee of the sevenfold flame of God during the ancient times of Atlantis. This is why our message about the Holy Temple of Unity of the 7 Archangels has found you today. The attractive power of the spiritual merits from your past has magnetized your attention to our angelic message which declares the start of a new, higher cycle of your life. 


Beloved soul, this is the time when the new earth will rise again above the tragedies of the past and above the challenges of the present time. The new earth is the new energy level which we, the 7 Archangels, are called to manifest in the mystical body of God on earth by expanding the crystal angelic light in the aura’s and in the consciousness of the true sons and daughters of God. For this holy purpose our blessed Lord has decided to project the Divine matrix of the Holy Temple of Unity of the 7 Archangels from our etheric dimension into the one chosen place of your material world.


Sweet heart of Light, this Divine order gives us a tremendous opportunity for which we have truly waited for centuries for the anchoring of our angelic energies of the 7 rays into this physical world again. This is, beloved friend, the first time from the flood of Noah, which was truly the time of the fall of Atlantis, when the sacred energies from our old Temple of Unity of the 7 Archangels will be established again upon the physical altar at a prepared and consecrated physical place.


The coming of this consecrated place where our high and pure angelic energies of the 7 rays may be anchored almost physically again is really the need of the hour. The cosmic timing is perfect now, dear child. It is time to  start the construction of the sanctuary where our spiritual presence, the presence of our legions and the  presence of our angelic healing light may remain undisturbed for years and centuries to come.


The idea of the International Spiritual Center of the 7 Archangels at the New Aquarian Age was born very long ago in the Diamond shining Mind of God. This idea was planted by us, 7 Archangels, very carefully into the consciousness of many sons and daughters of God in many nations. Even to you, our blessed friend, this Divine idea was also gladly presented one day.  Many devoted and spiritually advanced souls have already responded to this call in the way they were able to. You must know, beloved child, that we are infinitely grateful for every anchoring point of our angelic energies here on earth, great and small, in every form and in every manifestation.


Our special angelic sponsoring reaches out right now to the long cherished project of the physical building of the First International Spiritual Center of the 7 Archangels in Europe. We gladly give our blessing to the construction team, to the spiritual team and to the financial sponsors of this magnificent angelic place.

According to God’s Holy Will this first spiritual center of the 7 Archangels destined to be raised in Europe and will be followed after that by the opening of many other spiritual centers of the 7 Archangels throughout the earth. 

Now once again we come closer and closer to you, dear child of God. We are standing in front of you at this very moment sending a tremendous energy of Divine Power, Divine Wisdom, Divine Love, Divine Purity, Divine Truth, Divine Peace and Divine Freedom to your blessed soul. When you absorb this cosmic flow of Divine Graces from our hearts, just take a moment to consider your own human rol in the Great Divine Plan for the enlightenment of the people on earth in the coming years.


What are you called to do? What makes you happy? What make you dance and sing? What is your way to share your talents with this world? What is your highest dream? And how you would like to be remembered by the next generations? Choose the right way for yourself to serve this world. Choose your own personal contribution which you are ready to make in order to make people on earth joyful and happy.

We leave you now, our blessed angelic friend, with the sealing of your inner eye, your third eye chakra, with the clear Divine Vision of a Great Divine project and your personal part in it. It is your job to find out how much time, energy and money you would like to give to us, the 7 Archangels, and to our human mediators in order to make the cosmic portals to our angelic kingdom open again. This blessed earth is waiting for your actions…

We love you and we cherish you in our hearts forever. Take your stand on earth wherever you are and become a lightning electrode of the sevenfold energies of the 7 Archangels. Always remember that you are on a mission on this planet earth. You are here to serve, to learn and to change this world forever.


The 7 Archangels: Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel, Zadkiel


Arc Uriel


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