Archea Charity

Love’s greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred.        

 – Rumi

Perfect lotus

Love is not a thing to understand.

Love is not a thing to feel.

Love is not a thing to give and receive.

Love is a thing only to become

And eternally be.


-Sri Chinmoy


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Angelic message of Archea Charity

Januari 2015


I surrender everything that blocks the flow of the energies of Love into my life!

I surrender everything that blocks the flow of the energies of Love into my life!

I surrender everything that blocks the flow of the energies of Love into my life!



My sweet child,


As a rose of light gently unfolds her crystal petals, so sweet and gentle is my angelic appearance in your life. I descend softly into your dimension from my angelic homeland leaving after me footprints of golden-pink glowing light. You may see a halo of a mother of pearl color all around me with your inner eye. My beautiful angels of Divine Love are also softly descending with me into your physical dimension. Welcome us, my magnificent friend, welcome us to stay and to walk and to talk with you on your Path of light. We will never leave you alone anymore as long as your heart will stay open for our diligent angelic guidance.

I AM your blessed guide from the angelic realms of light. I AM your mother in heaven that is nourishing your soul all day long with a never-ending love of God. I AM the living flame of Love that appears to you in the form of an angel. I AM your cosmic sister of infinite Love that gives you inner comfort whenever your soul is crying and praying for an immediate action of Mercy from heaven.

You may know me as Archea Charity or you may even never heard of my existence before. This does not matter, my dear child. I AM here right now, standing right in front of you and I place my healing hands upon your head so that you may feel the infinite Grace and Love of our Lord, streaming freely from my hands into your being. I AM the Holy presence of Love in your world.  So it is, so it was and so it ever shall be. When you feel no love, no compassion, no mercy and no cherishing presence of God in your life, don’t be angry, sad or disappointed, my dear friend. Just call my name „CHARITY” with all the power of your fiery heart and the legions of angels of Divine Love will rush from heaven into your world of form. And at the very center of their cosmic formation of a huge rose, I, Archea of the Divine Ray of Love, Beauty, Creativity and Charity, will be there. 

I AM in the core of every rose. I AM the angelic essence of beauty of every flower. You may find me in every garden and in every flower-field here on earth. I AM the beauty of God manifesting the unlimited powers of Love through the most breathtaking creations of nature. I AM present everywhere in your life, my dear friend. Just open your eyes and see me in every piece of art and beauty that you may find all around you.

Our God is so magnificent, beloved child of light. I promise you that when you will truly recognize the miracle presence of our Lord in your life and when you will start your day with the most natural flow of gratitude and adoration to Him, you will experience the increasing of the flow of Love from his heart into your world. This is how you will fulfill your Mission in this life and how you will be able to realize the most beautiful dreams of your heart: by the increasing of the flow of Infinite Love from the heart of God day by day. Just use my miracle mantra of love every morning when you will open your eyes:


O God you are so magnificent!

O God you are so magnificent!

O God you are so magnificent!

I AM, I AM, I AM adoring thee…

O God you are so magnificent!

O God you are so magnificent!

O God you are so magnificent!

I AM, I AM, I AM adoring thee…

O God you are so magnificent!

O God you are so magnificent!

O God you are so magnificent!

I AM, I AM, I AM adoring thee…



I AM send by God to you today, my beloved friend, because your heart is longing for love and for a loving relationship as never before. I AM the Archea  of partnership and soul-filled love that sponsors the reunion of twin flames on earth and brings soul mates together when the twin flames are not really available for a relationship. I guide every couple by the power of infinite love in the proces of self realization and soul fulfillment. I AM your personal angelic coach and a heavenly sponsor of a healthy, God-given relationship. Call to me, pray to me, ask me to guide you in the proces of a sacred union and Divine fulfillment of the most special and the most beautiful relationship that you can ever imagine in your life. 

With God and angels all things are possible, my blessed friend. Use this special prayer that is composed for your needs and know that I AM the protector of every soul-fulfilling relationship, of every marriage and of every family that is committed to the Glory of God. I AM the sponsor of the most special children that will descend to this planet earth through the couples that are adoring the Purity and Holiness of our God. I AM here to help you to find your perfect partner on earth and to bring forth the new race of infinite Light, the new wave of evolution of such a high and holy vibration that this earth has never known before. I welcome you to speak aloud the words of this prayer and to give this prayer as long as you need my personal guidance and assistance in love and an intimate relationship. I AM really standing with you, my blessed angelic friend, every time when you will call to me and pray this prayer.


Prayer to Archangels of Love to bring

twin flames together




“In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, we call to the heart of blessed Archea Charity and beloved Archangel Chamuel to magnetize twin flames to each other who are destined to bring forth the souls of light in this Aquarian Age. Our dear Chamuel and Charity, we call to you now, let thy light and thy love ray be the magnet of the Great Central Sun and the starry focal point of the Secret Love Star in our material world. May this crystal ray of love from your angelic hearts bring the twin flames together for the fulfillment of their Divine reason for being. May the children of God who are destined to keep the mantle of Father Alpha and Mother Omega in honour be reunited in the holy circle of Love. May the partnerschip of twin flames be protected by God so that they will be able to keep the ancient flame of the Holiness of Life blazing upon the altars of their hearts.

Let the magnet of Divine Love from the heart of Chamuel and Charity be placed in the hearts of all parents to be and may this magnet activate the intensity of love for the coming souls of light which are destined to descend through them into matter.

May all parents to be and all families adoring the Pure Christ Light be sealed by the Archangels of infinite love, by the Secret Love Star, by the light of Alpha and Omega in the loving circle of purity, joy, enlightenment, beauty, freedom and peace. May Love prevail on earth and be anchored in every beating heart, in every loving couple and every shining family. Amen.”


My dearest friend, with these words of my sealing I will close my message to you at this moment. Never forget to see me and to recognize me in the twinkling eyes of your fellow men. I am never too far from your world, as my cherishing angels of love are also never too far from you. Please remember that I am always sending you my new message of Love, Hope and Charity and your heart is the cosmic door that must remain open if you really want to receive my magnificent gifts of Love. 

In the name of Divine Love, the one true Love, the Love that is God in this Holy Universe, I seal your loving heart, my precious child, in my fiery ruby circle of protection. I seal you with the fires of love from my cherishing heart  and I urge you to come  and to remain in the ultimate attunement with Christ. Stay blessed in your inner striving to find and to keep the immortal fountain of Love in your heart. This is the angelic and also the human way to the ultimate freedom. The way that will lead you to the very center of your own God-free being. Be free by the Holy Fire of Infinite Love!


With all my love to you, blessed child of God,




Rose of Charity



Dear friend of Light, as you probably already know the great Divine project of the physical building of the First International Spiritual Center of the 7 Archangels in Europe is already started by the first loving donations of the true angelic friends. At this point we are collecting the money for the beautiful great statues and art images of Archangels that will keep the electromagnetic presence of the Archangels in the sanctuary. Even the donation of $5,- is extremely welcome! As you know the great flow of abundance in our life always starts with the magnanimous act of giving. You are welcome to support this magnificent Divine project by going to the donation page. Thank you!!!


May you walk your Path with Love and Gratitude!


– Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja


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