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Blessed Lord, may the keystones might be placed in the arches of the temple invisible who will assist the Cosmic Christ in bringing God’s kingdom on earth and in fulfilling of the Mission of Love on this planet.

Dear Father, blessed Mother, may all world servers of the light be united and may they become a mandala of light that will give a new birth to the greatest spiritual awareness to all people on earth. Amen



Ascension training 2015

Your inner purpose is to awaken. 
You share that purpose with every other person on the planet, 
because it’s the purpose of humanity.

– Eckhart Tolle


Elohim initiation 2015


Angelic message of the Queen of the Angels

November, 2015


My dearest  child, 



May your heart be pure and may your soul be ready to receive the highest blessings of our Lord on your lifelong journey HOME. I am entering your world today with the message of infinite love and profound forgiveness for everything you are still ashamed for. It is my greatest joy to announce to you the liberation of your soul from all errors of your past. My blessed Archangel Rafael and I together with our legions of angels of Divine Truth are descending now into the homes and families of all nations regardless the former religion that is practiced in these homes. 


There is no religion above the Truth, my child. Please remember that.  And the Truth is the very essence of Life that is Real. When you will definitely fall in love with the Ultimate Reality one day you will discover unexpectedly that it is GOD that stands behind everything in the whole universe. You need to love the Truth for what it is, my dear friend of Light, in order to come closer to the heart of the One and to become a living part of Life which is immortal, indestructible and real.



Let me tell you, beloved child, that “Truth” is just another word for “God” and it is also a synonym referring to the Ultimate Reality. TRUTH-REALITY-GOD are the Divine objects of the same vibration and they are always one. When you honor the Living Truth with all your heart you are automatically honoring God, the Lord of all life, which is in heaven. When you are looking for the Ultimate Reality you are looking for the Creator of this Reality  and when you will discover His presence in your life, you will find the Life that is Real.



Versie 2


Every living soul in matter is in a process of discovering of the true meaning of life. Every man, woman and child on this planet are consciously or unconsciously looking for the reconnection with something that is bigger than themselves. Sooner or later every living soul will find their way HOME. There is no greater joy in life than to discover that you are a part of a magnificent, unlimited, glorious, loving and peaceful world and this world is full of Light and is in fact your true HOME.

The truth is, my child, that you have never left your HOME but you have consciously disconnected yourself from the Ultimate Reality and accepted the vibrations that are less that the Cosmic Christ Perfection. The human faults and errors are the states of mind which distort the union of the soul with God and Life that is Real.  

The true meaning of the word “religion” is the inner connection of the soul to the infallible World of Light which cannot be destroyed, cannot perish or be misformed by human minds and hands. I come to you today, beloved child,  to restore your inner connection with TRUTH-REALITY-GOD no matter what your background, education, nationality, age or former religious tradition is. The Love and Truth of God is equal for everyone and is anchored on the unique way in the spirit of every nation. I am here to assist you in the rediscovey of His Love, His Compassion and Forgiveness for your soul no matter how long you are practicing your own religion or no matter how long you haven’t practiced any religion at all but walked blindly on the road of human error and unreality. 

My heart of love, the human world is a perfect place to learn, to grow and to exercise the Divine gift of a free will, but this is not the paradise which is destined to create a perfect man and woman. Everyone who comes here sooner or later makes their mistakes in life, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for them the rest of their life. Sometimes good people make bad choices. It does not mean they are bad. It just means they are human. Please say to yourself repeatedly: “I am not what has happened to me. I am what I am destined and choose to become.” Yes, my child, it is true that no matter how long you have traveled on the wrong road, you can always turn around. 

Just set your human pride aside, my dear friend, and turn around on your road without explaining to this world why you have suddenly changed your life direction. No one needs to know that I have called you, that your Father in heaven has called you. Only you need to know that you are truly called to come back HOME before the lights are completely turned off and the night will cover your way.

Versie 2


My blessed soul, it is not by chance that my message has found you today.   This message is released to you personally according to the perfect timing of Almighty God who knows exactly why, when and how His dearest child must receive His life changing message.  

My healing words are flowing to your world like the waters of the cosmic River of Life right now. My words are like the waves of an ocean which cannot be stopped, denied or neglected.  The waters of everlasting Life are cleansing your soul from self created burdens, beloved child, and will continue to purify your whole being while you will read and reread this message. My words are removing the records of sin and human error from your conscious and unconscious mind gathered there through the ages. Listen, my child, to the words of your heavenly Mother. I am here to ask you to take a break and to observe the direction of your life path right now. Is this truly the shortest way HOME or are you walking the way which will take you farther and farther from the shining Light of Ultimate Reality?


Beloved friend, if you are reading my message today than you must know that the turning point for your soul is clearly appeared on your Path. Today is the day when your conscious decision to come back to the World of Light after the accomplishment of your Divine Plan for this incarnation can be definitely and consciously made… not tomorrow, not later but right now. This doesn’t mean that you need to leave the physical dimension soon after this decision is made. Not at all. We really need you here strengthened and enlightened by the Truth of God, cleansed and reconnected with Life that is Real. 

Blessed child, I will give you a short prayer today that can help you to stay in attunement to the Will of God in some challenging days. It will help you to overcome the temporary moments of temptation, discomfort and hopelessness. It will help you to keep your trust in the Highest Will which is the Highest Good for your soul. Just take a brief moment to speak the words of this prayer aloud and my legions of Divine Truth and Ultimate Reality will come to you to comfort you and to support you on your way HOME.


Mother Mary fatima very close up



Prayer for trust in God’s Will


“Beloved Father, I may not understand how everything will work out, but I trust you. I don’t see a way, but I know you will make a way. I have faith that at this very moment you are opening the doors for me creating new chances and opportunities which will change my life to better. Things may look dark now but I have faith that my dawn is coming. Into your hands I place my worries, cares and troubles today. Into your wisdom I place my Path, my Goal,  my Divine destination. Into your love I place my life because I know that you always care about me and your cherishing of my soul is profound and infinite. Amen.”


My dear angel, I bless you courageous soul with the gift of Forgiveness this day and I leave you with this ageless reminder coming from the heart of one of my loyal servants of Truth:

“People are going to love you or hate you. Don’t waste your time trying to control that. Spend your days pleasing God… not people. I want to hear God saying at the end of your journey HOME – well done my good and faithful servant. Here is my child, in whom I am well pleased…”

In the infinite Love and Truth of our blessed heavenly Father

I am standing with you today on the turning point of your life,



Your Mother of Light, Queen of the Angels,

Your Mother Mary




Mother Mary service 21-11-2015


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