How to raise your energy frequency – online course 

by Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja

How To Raise your Energy Frequency by Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja We are going through an incredible shift at the moment and our bodies are changing and transforming into much lighter bodies. This e-course is a great tool that will guide you step by step how to raise your energy frequency.

 Do you want to learn how to raise your Energy Frequency? Rev. Maria is sharing with you some incredible teachings on how to raise your energy frequency in order to assist your body to go through this big transformation with ease and grace.

 This course contains 5 groundbreaking lessons in PDF formats that will teach you how to raise your energy frequency.



Lesson 1.

  • The cosmic birth of the soul

  • The Divine Self

  • The soul in embodiment

  • The reconnection of the soul with her Higher and Divine Self

Personal assignment: strengthening of the Crystal Cord

Exercise: create your own mantras and affirmations to activate the cosmic power of I AM THAT I AM

Meditation: an inner journey to the Great Central Sun


Lesson 2.

  • 33 levels of consciousness

  • The hidden power of the heart

  • Learn to control your mind-chatter

Personal assignment for the strengthening of the heart chakra

Exercise: learn to use mantras in order to activate the flow of unconditional love from the heart

Meditation: an inner visit to the secret chamber of the heart


Lesson 3.

  • Live in harmony with the Cosmos

  • Live from your heart

  • Keep your thinking positive

  • See everything in the original state of perfection

  • Listen to the inner voice of your soul

Personal assignment for the reinforcement of your intuition

Exercise: purification, protection and reinforcement of the 7 chakras

Meditation: a view through your own Book of Life


Lesson 4.

  • The galactic systems

  • Our galaxy – The Milky Way

  • The local group – Our Cosmic cluster

  • The Super cluster

  • The Big Cosmic Wall

Personal assignment for the quickening of your own energy frequency

Exercise: energy work with light, light rays, crystal fog, primal sound OM

Meditation: an inner journey to Sirius


Lesson 5.

  • The Cosmic Plan

  • The three heavenly kingdoms

  • The Cosmic Hierarchy of Light

  • The 7 rays

Personal assignment: preparing your spiritual place at home

Exercise: learn how to make calls to the belovend cosmic beings

Meditation: inner contact with the 7 Elohim




Mount Shasta Violet flame



Rising in Vibration is one of the most important spiritual events on your Path in this life.

If your spirit has the determination to raise up your soul to the level of the Christ consciousness, all of the chemical elements of your being will “climb the ladder of the DNA chain” even as the fragments of your soul are climbing Jacob’s ladder in their desire for wholeness. 

This process is a spiritual one. We examine it in metaphor, yet it is a reality that takes place within the etheric sheath as the components of spirit and soul reunite with the source of Being.

The goal is to raise up vibrationally every part and particle of your being as if you were using a spiritual tuning fork and drawing all elements of self to the plane of immortal being where they would resonate with the harmony of God.



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