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The Holy ritual of Confirmation symbolizes the conscious confirmation of the inner sense of Divine union between the soul in incarnation and her Father-Mother God in heaven. This ritual consecrates the personal human will to the Highest Divine Will. It opens the cosmic seal of the Great Divine Plan for every anointed soul. This is a very important ritual for someone who is ready to fulfill his Highest Calling in life – his Divine Mission. This ritual can be given to everyone from the age of 12.

The Holy ritual of confirmation like all other ministerial rituals given by Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja are free of charge. Every donation from your loving and generous heart is very welcome and will be used completely for the establishment of  the International Spiritual Center of the 7 Archangels in Europe. Please do not forget to thank God for all special blessings that you receive freely through his servant Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja by visiting the donation page of this website and adding your donation order for any amount that is correct for you: universal

Our blessed Lord has made His powerful promise that anyone who will  financially sponsor the physical realization of this Holy Angelic place in Europe will receive many abundant gifts from His heart that will be 10 times greater than the amount of  donation placed on

By sponsoring the materialization of the International Spiritual Center of the 7 Archangels you are contributing to the fulfillment of the Great Cosmic Plan for our blessed planet earth.  This is a very secure way to make good karma in a very short time. Trust God, send your daily prayers to His magnanimous heart and you will experience the flow of Abundance in your life as never before.

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