Blessing of the heart and the heart chakra by Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja


Uzziel geheime kamer


“May you experience the Divine birth of your sacred dreams;

May you see the manifestation of your dreams quickly and easily;

May you clearly hear that still small voice within as it guides you in each step thatyou take;

May you have the abundance you so richly deserve for having the courage it takes follow that quiet guidance;

May you see your own beautiful light as you shine it brightlyinto the world around you;

May you feel the joy that you bring to others as you offer yourself and your gifts;

Andmay you experience the pure, sacred love of the Divine.

May this be so … in all ways, always.”

– Anne Presuel


This is a miracle blessing of your heart and your heart chakra by the power of the Holy Spirit. Feel the purifying flow of the magnificent love of God that heals your pain from the past. The wounds of your heart will be healed during 3 minutes when you will listen to this prayer. The angels of the ever present Divine Love will stand all around you and take the emotional wounds away from your heart and from your heart chakra every moment when you will watch this comforting prayer. You may listen to these healing words and receive the blessing of your heart and your heart chakra every time again  and again especially when you are in pain and feel some emotional disturbance or sadness. God loves you, my dear friends. Let him show his Love to you through this blessing.


Chakra Blessing by Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja

In this chakra blessing you will receive a purification and a cleansing of all your 7 chakras. This way all negative energy will be removed that kept your chakras clugged. You will experience an expansion of the light in your 7 chakras. After this your chakras will be sealed and protected against negative influences from the outside. Repeat this chakra blessing every time you want to free yourself from discarnate entities and negative thoughts and feelings. This chakra blessing will activate the flow of Cosmic Light into your aura and heal your soul from the traumas and pain of the past. When you will listen to this special prayer you will experience liberation of your cells, atoms, organs, chakras and your whole energy field from all that is less than the Cosmic Christ Perfection. This blessing is given in the name of God I AM THAT I AM by the power of the Holy Spirit. The most beautiful angels will cleanse your aura and your chakra’s during this prayer.


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