Prayer for Healing in 7 minutes


Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed.

It means the damage no longer control our lives.


Be instantly healed by the emerald green healing ray of God. This prayer will make you whole again.The miracle of healing will be manifested within 7 minutes during this prayer according to God’s Holy Will. Blessed Archangel Rafael and Mother Mary and the healing angels will work on you during and after this prayer. Please listen to this prayer 9 or 33 days in case that the restoration of your wholeness needs more time. Remember that every healing allways takes place according to the Divine Will at the exact time that is right for your personal soul liberation.


Divine mantra to the Miracle Flame of Healing:


Healing Flame of brightest green,
I AM God Presence all serene,
Through me pour the Mercy Light,
Now let Truth make all things right.

Flame of consecration wonder,
Let my mind on thee now ponder
Service to my brother stronger
And the fullness of thy Power.

Flame of consecration healing,
Keep my being full of healing,
Mercy to my brothers sealing
By the Grace of God desire.

Flame of healing fill my form,
Vibrant Life in me reborn;
God within me, make me whole,
I AM healing every soul.

Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja - Universal PrayersBook Rev. Maria now.

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