Loving Relationship

Prayer for Finding True Love


“Love is a bridge between you and everything.”       – Rumi


This prayer will help you to find one very special soulmate in your life. Listen to this prayer and you will find a true love on your Way very soon. You will attract the soul that God has created for you as a Divine Lover, as a true friend, as someone who will love and understand you forever. By the power of Achangel Chamuel and Archea Charity you will experience a miracle of Divine and human Love in your life. Believe in Divine Vision, Power and Holy Providence of our Lord that will put the right person on your Path right NOW!


I Am Ready for Love – prayer by Laurie Sue Brockway:

“Dear God, I am ready to have a relationship

with a wonderful person,

who truly gets me, loves me, adores me,

and is ready to build a life with me.

I choose to believe there is a special person out there for me.

My name is written across his/her heart.

Please put me on the right track toward true love.

and lead me to a place of committed love.

I am willing to work on myself and

To make myself ready for love.

Please grant me the power

to look at love through spiritual eyes,

And to remain sincere about

finding the relationship I have longed for.”


Prayer for the Circle of Oneness around partners

Visualize the circle of oneness around you and your loved one when you are giving this prayer. It is a circle of white fire and blue fire of Alpha and Omega that protects your love. As you meditatie upon that circle you will realize that nothing can penetrate that cosmic circle of sacred fire. It is whirling so fast that the energy emitted from it repels anything that attempts to invade it. Visualize this circle of oneness as the whirling T’ai Chi protecting your relationship, your family and your spiritual connection with your Divine Self. Give this following prayer daily:


“In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, I call to you beloved Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity, to draw the circle of your oneness around us as we stand in adoration of the One. Make this sacred circle of oneness twelve feet in diameter as a line of sacred fire – a ring-pass-not- against all that would oppose our union. Let it be the forcefield of Alpha and Omega, the plus and minus of cosmic energies, the T’ai Chi, right here where we are. Let our love be consecrated for our souls ultimate reunion with our I AM Presence. We seek the bliss of the raising of the Mother light and the light of sushumna, ida and pingala, as these from the caduceaus energies that reveal our real identity in Christ. Let our bliss transcend the earthly senses and let out light flow from all chakras to reinforce the divine polarity of the Father-Mother God in every level of consciousness. Let this light be multiplied in the 7 chakras and in the 5 chakras of the secret rays. As above, so below, may the cosmic flow of our Father-Mother God be shared in the sanctuary of the Holy Family. And may it be sealed by the blessing of the true ministers of the Logos and be guarded by purity in the Holy of Holies. We cradle the child of our Divine Love. And we wrap this child, even our own inner child, in swaddling garments of the Holy Spirit. May our honor and reverence for each other magnetize cosmic love and may this love always glorify the eternal Christos. We invoke the covering Cherubim to guard our love every day in the planes of earth, air, fire and water. In the name of the Christ, I call to you, beloved Archeia Charity, Patroness of the Holy Family in the Aquarius Age, to protect the love of all devotees serving in the planes of matter. Amen.”


Prayer for the Golden Circle of Oneness

Dear friends, this prayer will protect your intimate relationship against the forces of anti-love, envy and jealousy. During this prayer the Golden Circle of Oneness and the fiery wall of protection against all negative thoughts and feelings de placed around you and your loved one. This whirling circle of the sacred fire will protect the harmony in your family and the love that you share with your partner.


Prayer for the Reunion of Twin Flames and Soul Mates

Listen to this powerful prayer for the reunion of your heart with the heart of your twin soul or your soulmate. This prayer helps you to find and to attract the right person as a life partner at your side. When you are listening to this prayer at least for the next 9 excecutive days some miraculous connections with the most special people will happen in your life. Learn and excercise the power of sending the love waves to your twinsoul or your soulmate and your beloved will surely appear on your way. This prayer activates the Divine Will and the Divine magnet that brings the right partner in your life. Just open your heart for a new cycle of joy and love and let go of the pain and sorrow of your past that has blocked your divine romance for so long. This prayer will liberate your soul from all unconscious blocks that still stand between you and this special soul that is destined to be with you as your partner.


Love swan



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