Opening of your Book of Life and activation of your Divine Mission in this incarnation

You may ask youself questions such as “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose here? What am I destined to do? This prayer will open your own inner vision and will take you to the Holy City of Shambhalla where your Book of Life be opened for you. This prayer activates the Divine essence of your Cosmic Plan on earth and reconnects you with the Highest Will of God through the strengthening of His Divine Guidance.


Special call for the arresting of spirals of negative karma in your world that are blocking the manifestation of your Divine calling:

“In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and the Great Divine Director, in the name of blessed Jesus Christ, I demand and command the arresting of the spirals of negative karma throughout my entire consciousness, being and world. I call that every single cycle of every single cell and atom within my form that is not outpicturing the perfect cycles of the Christ consciousness be now dissolved, be now arrested and turned back by the authority of my God Presence! In the name Jesus Christ I demand and command that the cycles of immortal Life and my Divine Plan be fulfilled and that my ascension prevail! Amen”


Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja - Universal PrayersBook Rev. Maria now.

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