Prayer for  removing entities from your aura

Watch this prayer to remove entities and negative energies from your aura.


Prayer for removing of any curse:

My blessed Lord, I ask that You remove any curse from my family today. I ask that You remove any sentence of death placed upon any member of my family by the spirit of darkness.

Lord, I ask that You reverse any darkness placed upon our lives. I ask that You uproot any tent of the devil upon our lives. I ask that You plant Your light and life in our lives. Lord, may Your light bless us all with long life. May Your life bless us all with prosperity, health, strength, and protection.

Lord, rescue us from the shackles of evil, and lead us into Your light that dispels unrighteousness and troubles. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


 Prayer for Infinite Protection by Archangel Michael

This prayer creates a powerful circle of protection against all negative energies in your life. Listen to this prayer and free yourself, your family and your home from all negative projections. God is liberating you and your loved ones from all enemies of the Light. Repeat this mantra daily: “God is only power that can act”.


Prayer for Protection and cleansing of your aura, your home and your family from negative forces

This is a very powerful prayer that liberates your personal energy field, the energy field of your house and of your whole family from all kinds of negativity such as entities and unseen dark forces. All discarnate entities will be removed from your aura, your home and your family at the time when you are watching this video. This prayer fills your energy field and your living space with the Universal light with a very high frequency. It creates a strong forcefield of protection for yourself, your home and your loved ones. Listen to this prayer for the following 9 days and you will experience a powerful purification of your body, mind and soul. Your home and your family will also be purged with the fire of God and liberated from all kinds of negativity. You will get the best possible results by listening daily to this prayer for the next 9 days. During this time the powerful wall of protection will be manifested around your aura, your home and your family. Remember, dear friends, that God is the doer and in him we trust.

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