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Are you looking for more Wealth, Success and Abundance? Are you wondering how you can finally break down all your personal barriers against the ultimate money flow into your life? Are you facing some financial problems at this moment or are you trying to get out of the financial turmoil? This audio Ritual of Abundance is the powerful key to the miracle financial transformation in  your life. Use this audio ritual of 7 ancient sanskrit mantras for 33 days daily, without skipping a day. Take the time to recite all this mantras every day and you will face a financial miracle in your life even before the end of 33 days of your ritual cycle.  Please remember that the inner fire of your devotion is the sacred power hiding after this ritual. Recite this mantras with the heart full of gratitude, joy and trust. 

The Ritual of Abundance is composed, performed and recorded by Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja in 2013. This ritual is a well working, powerful spiritual tool for everyone who is striving to change his own personal financial situation very quickly.

The Ritual of Abundance is based on very ancient sanskrit mantras to Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity and Kubera, the personal assistant of Lakshmi who is the cosmic distributor of the money stream to all people on earth. During the ritual cycle of 33 days you will be reunited with the unlimited universal source of abundance and will receive a financial miracles offered by blessed Lakshmi and magnificent Kubera to you and your family.


This CD contains 7 tracks.


1. Maha Lakshmi Mantra 5.30 min.

2. Lakshmi Moola Mantra 7.10 min.

3. Mantra for Wealth 7.50 min.

4. Mantra for better income 5.14 min.

5. Mantra for Financial Miracles 8.01 min.

6. Mantra for Dream Realization 16.13 min.

7. Mantra for Accelerated Money stream 15.45 min.


Never forget that the Source of Our Supply is God!

We must school our minds to realize that the one and only source of our supply is God and that all that comes to us in the way of salary, investments, customers and any other income are the means by which God’s inexhaustible supply is funneling to us. Divine ideas are the source of our wealth. And then we must act upon them to bring the wealth of the universe to our use. 

Don’t wait until you acquire greater spiritual understanding to begin your prosperity experiments. Put into action today the knowledge which you already have and watch it multiply. Action, not procrastination, should be your byword. Some people think that all that is necessary to activate the cosmic flow of abundance is to sit and meditate on thoughts of abundant supply, and prosperity will come without any other effort. This is limiting the law to thought alone. When God wanted to create, he spoke the fiat “Let there be light: and there was light.” In addition to meditating on thoughts of abundance, which is necessary, we need to use the power of the spoken Word and affirm our supply by using powerful mantras from the Golden Age civilization that was many ages ago in India. 


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