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Rev. Maria with OM sign

“The one thing that will help to eliminate world suffering – more than money, houses, or any other material aid – is to meditate and transmit to others the divine consciousness of God that we feel.

Every day radiate His consciousness to others. Try to understand God’s plan for mankind – to draw all souls back to Himself – and work in harmony with His will.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda, Divine Romance


Reverend Maria’s Mission is to activate the Spirit of the Living God in every heart and to carefully assist in the realization of the Sacred Unity between the soul and her Creator.


I AM beautiful


The Path of Reverend Maria is the Path of the one-to-one relationship with God when the soul becomes able to walk and to talk with his heavenly Father and his heavenly Mother without any human intercession. This is the Sacred Path of the natural revelation of the Holy Spirit to every soul which is longing for Divine Guidance, Divine Comfort and Divine Truth.


The inner knowledge of the Divine Truth revealed not by the dogmatic religion but by the living mystery of the Holy Spirit activates the original creative powers of the soul. When your inner  eye opens, your mind enters in attunement with the Mind of God and your heart starts leading you forward in everything that you do, you enter the age of personal freedom, joy and abundance as naturally as you are breathing the air that is all around you.


Reverend Maria’s mission is just a little part of a Great Divine Plan that our God has composed to wake up the people on earth from human lethargy and degradation. We are living in the breaking cosmic time of the ultimate soul liberation from everything that destroys our Holiness, blocks our inner power and keeps us out of connection with the magnificent spiritual world of light and our Divine parents, our Father-Mother God.



Acceleration of consciousness is the Divine way for the awakening of the soul. Every soul will receive in this time a personal calling from God and His angels to wake up and to come in alignment  with the Highest spiritual world. This is the age of the very active presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and every soul that has open ears and can hear this calling from God will become his precious instrument, his „chosen one”. And this chosen one is not someone else in your neighborhood, but it is you, dear child of God. God has called you to come closer so that He can speak to you and you don’t need to be perfect to share His words with others but just to be real, just to be WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

Rev. Maria with OM sign full body2Reverend Maria’s mission is based on the sacred calling that our blessed Father and Mother in heaven have revealed to her many years ago when she started her inner conversation with Father-Mother God. She was called to assist in the worldwide spiritual process of awakening of the inner sense of Divinity and self-Mastery in the children of God. Maria has received  an assignment to help people to discover their Divine Power within themselves, to remember their Divine origin and to restore their personal one-to-one relationship with God.



She received also a very beautiful vision of a Holy place of contemplation where the most sacred energies of angels, Archangels, Divine beings of Light and above all the sweet Presence of our Divine Mother will be anchored on earth.   From this time on Reverend Maria was very inspired to create such a Holy place that will become a shrine of healing, adoration, enlightenment and reconnection with angels, heavenly hosts of Light and our beloved Father-Mother God. Our Lord has made a promise to Maria that this Divine project will become a reality when many children of light should support it and put their energies and their gifts together so that this beautiful reflection of heaven will become a tangible reality here on earth. You are welcome to read more about this project on this page: Divine vision



Holy Spirit garden


The core of Reverend Maria’s Mission is placed in the spiritual assistance and spiritual empowerment of any awakening individual, which is looking for more happiness, freedom, peace, abundance and love on earth. All this things are given to us by the Grace of God and surely will be granted to all  mankind as a result of very conscious, loving and harmonious collaboration between man and God.


Reverend Maria takes care of the personal needs of any particular soul, as far as it is physically possible for her. The main focus of her mission lies not in the raising of a specific organization or in directing of the masses to the better new world. The process of the inner reinforcement of the one soul is much more important for the fulfillment of Maria’s mission than the spiritual guidance of the entire world. It is true that a better world can only become a reality for all of us when everyone will become aware of his incredible Divine powers and will daily sustain his inner spiritual connection with the heart and mind of God.


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An individual that lives in direct spiritual connection with our Father-Mother God, follows his Path under their loving spiritual guidance, knows his Divine origin, exercises his birth right of co-creation with God and will one day become a true Master of life than cannot be mocked anymore by any kind of corrupt national leadership, mass media, world conspiracies or by any other kind of human controlling powers that opposes his own Divine Self. A true Master of Life follows his Path according to the compass of his own inner guidance, remains no matter what in direct conversation with God and is able to defend his own Truth, his own way of life before friends and enemies in every congregation.


Reverend Maria’s mission supports the personal awakening of every potential Master of Life. She has received her personal spiritual training from our blessed Father Alpha and Mother Omega by inner conversation and was honored by the personal assistance of spiritual teachers that our beloved God has send to her in a physical and spiritual way. Reverend Maria is a spiritual daughter of Mark Prophet, the modern American mystic and a great teacher of the Divine Truth, that was blessed with the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirt. He was the founder of the mystery school Summit Lighthouse in 1956 in U.S.A.


Mark L. Prophet

Mark kopie kort


Another Master of Life that has raised consciousness of Reverend Maria as a child is Nicolas Roerich, the Russian modern mystic, a visionary, spiritual artist, that promoted peace, spiritual art and unity of the world religions. He was the founder of the Agni-Yoga society in 1920 in U.S.A. Reverend Maria has received her final spiritual training and her official ordination before she started her public mission as a Universal minister from the advanced personal student of Mark Prophet, Reverend Carl Showalter. This spiritual teacher remains in her heart as a very tangible presence of the Christ on her Path. Carl Showalter has blessed many souls with the revelations of the Holy Spirit that is still upon him and working through him during his lifelong ministry from the age of 18 until his very respectful age at this time.


Reverend Carl Showalter



Reverend Maria holds a mantle of a Universal Priest that represents a very old mystical way of the inner union with God outside the traditional religious organizations. The mystical way of this Universal Priesthood was mentioned in the Bible under the name of the Sacred Order of Melchizedek and has it’s roots in the Vedism, the very old religious tradition of ancient India going all the way back to the original priesthood of the lost continent of Lemuria, the oldest continent and the oldest Golden Age civilization of our planet.


The Universal Priesthood embraces the mystical Paths of all world religions and gives devotion to the Father-Mother God, the Son/the Universal Christ/the Universal Buddha and to the Holy Ghost.


There is not one way to heaven as there is no single entrance for the searching soul to the loving heart of God. The realization of the inner connection heart- to heart with our Father-Mother God is much more important for Reverend Maria as a Universal Priest than the exact fixed outer form of rituals, languages, traditions, writings and dogmas. The sacred feeling of Love that exists between the awakened soul and her Creator is the foundation of the Universal ministry of Reverend Maria. Every soul is loved by God. Every heart is created as a temple for the Holy Spirit. Every mind is an open door to the Divine consciousness. Everyone is called to become a true friend of God.  In reality we all are the chosen sons and daughters of God which are destined to raise up their human consciousness and to reunite themselves with the blissful, pure and perfect consciousness of God. Our lives are given to us to find out if we want to choose freely the way of inner Mastery, the way of the manifestation of Divinity in us.


These are just some basic ideas of the Universal Priesthood which are destined to expand on earth at this changing and challenging times. It is a part of the Great Divine Plan of God for this planet that the Universal Priesthood will expand and grow as a modern mystical way of the inner union with God. The Universal Priesthood is the manifestation of a true brotherhood between all children of God on earth and it is also a manifestation of Divine sonship between our heavenly parents Alpha and Omega and all their loving children throughout the whole Universe. This cosmic model of true brotherhood can be manifested here on earth only through the opening and blossoming of the inner knowledge of the heart. According to the mystical teaching of the Universal Priesthood the pure awakened heart of every soul is nothing else than the Holy City, the New Jerusalem of the new Aquarian Age where the worshipping of the One God is taking place.


Reverend Maria was personally called by God to represent the Universal ministry on earth which is formed and sustained by the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Universal ministry is intended to help souls of any religious background, that are looking for the deep mystical religious experiences, to come into a working one-to-one relationship with God. Reverend Maria is called to assist in the reinforcement of this spiritual relationship between man and God by providing spiritual guidance, spiritual coaching, by praying, by offering of the blessings and the Holy rituals in the name of the One God I AM THAT I AM.

Smiling Rev. Maria with chela

Prayer of Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja

for all Gods children


“Our beloved Father, our beloved Mother we pray for your magnificent assistence to mankind on earth. Help this planet and her people to enter the age of enlightenment and peace. May true freedom of the soul be known by every human being who is living on earth today. May Divine Justice and Divine Mercy be strongly present in every nation and admired in every home. May Divine Truth reign the earth and govern the hearts of all people. May Divine Wisdom be taught in every school until everyone will restore the inner contact with their home of Light. 

O, blessed Father-Mother God, may the doors of Heaven break open and may the mighty stream of infinite Grace and Love flow through our planet to wash mankind clean from the errors of the past. May the hearts of all men, women and children be purified with the balm of unconditional Love of God that heals the deepest wounds of their souls. May every soul receive instant comfort and  peace from your heart, dear Father and blessed Mother. I know that you hear my plead, o God, and you are ready to grant us so many blessings that we are able to keep in harmony in our hearts. Yes, we are ready, my Lord, to keep your Holy Light in honor.”

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“Shalom, Women History! From the beginning women played key parts in Biblical history,the include good and bad queens,righteous maids,praying mothers,powerful leaders,influenced wives,cheerful,generous givers ,compassionate,good servants,pastors,prophets,evangelist, gracious host and faithful supporters and friends of Jesus Christ. Sister in Christ, though women were often given background roles,the new Testament shows them heavily involved in advancing the great commission of the church. Sister in the Lord, women remained true and stayed with him up to the cross, women were the first witness of his resurrection. Women are weak vessel, but are gift from God. My Elder sister, in the early church women played a variety of roles and helped many positions. The Lord has a work for women as well as for men of God to do, they can accomplish a good work for God. Sister, you have a most important part in the body of Christ, whether you minister in the pulpit or on the street corner or whatever you sow blessings seeds so that others can go for the great commission. My sister, you are very important. You have explosive blessings from God. Never underestimate the work you are doing for serving God,s people. 

Thanks, Sister in Christ,

Pastor Florence Ondimu,

March, 2015 Kenya


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“Prayer is the best weapon we possess. It is the key that opens the heart of God.”  – Padre Pio


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